The Second Adam (2016)

The Second Adam (2016) | Digital Poetry
Lia Carreira and Fred Becker

The Second Adam is a digital poetry in which Tristan Tzara’s 1918 Dada Manifesto (known as the second Dada Manifesto) is read aloud by an online translation software to an online automatic transcription software. Like a Chinese Whispers game, the speech uttered by the translation software (with the set English language option, with a default “British accent”) is then interpreted by the transcription software (also set in English) and, due to its technical “limitations”, alters the original text, creating a new version of the Manifesto.

The Manifesto, which suggests the refusal of the movement’s own meaning making, is transcribed to the point where it reaches a somewhat nonsensical text, contradicting the whole purpose of these online softwares.

The final text created by the software was as such:

The second Adam.

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