2015 – 2017

Master thesis | Media Art Cultures. Experimental Curating in times of the perpetual beta: strategies and platforms for online-based art. 

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Experimental curating_strategies and platforms for onlinebased art_Lia Carreira (2017)

2015 – 2013

Assistant researcher and project manager |Image and Cyberculture Studies Lab (Labic), Center for the arts, Federal University of Espirito Santo (Ufes), Vitoria, Brazil. Practice led research; Project management (projects involved text and image datamining, digital archiving, image visualization and analyses, using digital humanities and big data methods, aligned with cybercultures and image theory);

2013 – 2011

Assistant researcher and project manager | Laboratório de Fotografia, Imagem e Pensamento (Photography, Image and Thinking Lab), at the Center for Multimedia Production, of the School of Communication, at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Practice led research (Media Art and Aesthetics) and artistic practice; Online platform development (concept and contents) for the Archives Geraldo de Barros and José Oiticica Filho. 

2013 – 2011

Master thesis | Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Appropriation as a gesture in the photography of Michael Wolf and Jon Rafman.

2010 – 2009

Assistant researcher, project management, curatorship and exhibition development | Department of Communication, of the Federal University of Espirito Santo, Vitoria, Brazil. Research (image and cyberculture studies); Event management (seminars and workshops); curatorial practice and exhibition development.