Tin, the love bot (2016 – ongoing) 

Tin, the love bot is a fictional Twitter robot whose synthetic life objective is to find love in the www. In its quest, the bot flirts with other apparently algorithmic beings by sending “bot like” messages. Taking in consideration that affection is evermore mediated by technology (from emails to social media platforms and dating apps), one may also speculate that bots, as relational entities, would also find other forms of relationships online. So, what would robot love be like?

Fragments of [online] Existence (2016) 

Fragments of [online] Existence addresses our contemporary clashing desires towards memory, privacy and identity in online social networks. In these spheres, we produce an enormous amount of digital contents of ourselves. We wish to share them with others and we wish to see contents of others. We wish to archive them for posteriority and secure them for memory’s sake. And yet we request privacy. We want to be able to forget our past, erase our memories and, even, to be forgotten. But what happens when we are unable to untrace our digital steps or delete our digital selves? What happens to these unwanted digital forms of being?

Digital Palimpsest Quijote (2016)

Digital Palimpsest Quijote is a software based project in which Pierre Menard, autor del Quijote (1939), a short story written by Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges, is translated using an instant image translation app. A instant translation app transforms the text while it is trying to identify the written words and this effect creates a digital palimpsest in which a new version of the short story now overlaps Borge’s piece.

The Second Adam (2016) | Digital Poetry

Lia Carreira and Fred Becker

The Second Adam is a digital poetry where Tristan Tzara’s 1918 Dada Manifesto (known as the second Dada Manifesto) is read aloud by an online translation software to an online transcription software.

Alientopias (2016) | Interactive audio-visual installation

Lia Carreira, Ping-Yi Chen, Pedro Marum, Selma Boskailo

The project Alientopias proposes a space of imagination sustained by the potentiality of becoming an “other”. It provides an immersive environment that can potentiate an emancipation to our bodily human condition and a mechanism to new forms of desiring.

Memory Bot (2014) | Web based art /Social Media based art

A Twitter bot art project that retweets content in which the need to forget is sated through the declaring speech acts of remembering. Here memory and repetition are highlighted as basic and necessary human impulses.

Mes Amis Je Suis Ici (2012) | Web based art /Social Media based art

A boundary testing web based project in which a geolocation Foursquare app profile is used to seize its ability to attest presence by making check-ins in places I was a long distance from. How much trust do we invest in social media technology and its contents? And how much do we know about their malleability to be détourned and appropriated?

Narratives of the Everyday (2012) | Image/Appropriation

An assemble of rephotographed images of Google Street View’s so called careless depiction of quotidian moments of life – where ordinary stands just at the corner of an extraordinary event. In a world where screen printing online images has itself become an ordinary activity, these narratives also aims to show an everyday practice in which the view of the world is frequently mediated and where its people are constantly shifting from their voyeur gaze to their own surveillance.